Yoga Teacher Training

A transformative experience, our Yoga Vana Teacher Training Courses allow you to take your personal practice to a deeper and more meaningful level, while learning the skills it takes to share the yogic tools with others. 

With a strong focus on empowering you individually to be the teacher you are called to be, our Yoga Teacher Training Courses are a unique combination of traditional teachings with modern methods and techniques - for you to confidently and effectively share yoga with the world.

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Upcoming Programs

Yoga Retreats

Our retreats, held in peaceful, natural environments, offer you the chance to consciously take time off your daily life and be yourself.

Some of the programs are specifically designed to integrate yoga into a holiday or vacation. Others are more specific, covering areas of special interest and training. These present ideal opportunities for intensive study, to practice more deeply, learn more, or sometimes even to begin the practice of yoga in a focused and wholesome way.