Progress on the path of Yoga goes hand in hand with a growing awareness of our interconnectedness with each other, other living beings and nature.


Yoga Vana Tree Project

We plant one tree for every student who graduates from our Yoga Teacher Training Course, both as a symbol for their continued growth and evolution, as well as a gesture of respect and gratitude to India, the soil from which the science of Yoga has emanated.

We strive to make Yoga Vana Forest Academy (the school) and Yoga Vana Farm (the retreat center) and all connected activities carbon negative / climate positive. As a first step, we have incorporated green house gas accounting into our administrative routine as a part of which we record all direct emissions resulting from our school’s activities. We will gradually reduce carbon and other green house gas emissions as much as possible while offsetting the unavoidable emissions by planting trees in India.

These are the small steps we can take today. We are committed to our continued learning on how to practically and pragmatically live Yoga in the spirit of renewal and regeneration that allows all Life to thrive.


Nature & Self

To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.
— Mahatma Gandhi

As an intuitive form of yogic practice off the mat, spending time in nature - just observing and noticing what is - slows down the thought process, brings about a multitude of proven mental and physical health benefits and develops sensitivity and aliveness.

Our Yoga Vana Teacher Training Courses are held in natural environments to allow for nature contemplation and stillness. Use the precious time you took off away from your daily routine to consciously slow down and rebuild or strengthen your relationship with nature.