Teacher Training Course Testimonials


Phedon - Ramdas, Cyprus

“Maniji, a man who dedicates his life to Yoga. A man who has only love to give and knowledge and conveying the teaching to you with so much clarity and understanding because he is an example of the teachings and a respectful man with gratefulness towards his great masters.

When you do the right thing with the right intention you cannot really go wrong. This is not simply a TTC. It is a beginning of your journey to life through Yoga and Vedanta. It an initiation given to you and a responsibility that you, only you are capable of bringing a change and inner peace to yourself.

Maniji, Kerstin and the Yoga Vana team are a group of angels who guide you step by step and methodically to the practice of Yoga and help you see yourself, the meaning and purpose of Yoga, and the types of Yoga. You get a clear image that this integration of Yoga and Vedanta can take you to Self-realization with having your trust strong. Not just blindly following but making for yourself a discriminating decision of what is right or wrong. I have left with the most wonderful vibrations and blessings from the teachings.

To Swami Sivananda Saraswati and Swami Vishnudevananda Saraswati who still spread their love.”

Charlotte Bostock, UK

“The TTC at Yoga Vana is a time in my life that I will treasure for ever. I grew more, mentally and spiritually in that month than any other time spent at school, university or on previous travels.

My understanding and relationship with yoga has fundamentally changed and I have a much deeper connection to the practice and within myself which I can now enjoy and explore confidently in my own practice and integrate into my life at home.

The staff are the most sincere and authentic people, passionate about sharing their understanding of yoga which makes for an incredible rewarding and authentic experience.”


Joanna Cohen, New York / USA

“In just a month learning from Mani he’s given me inspiration and guidance that will last my lifetime. He is one of the most influential people in my yoga journey.

Mani has the rare ability to break down age, culture, ability and seemingly any barrier between people. Naturally, he brings himself and students together to highlight how we are all similar as opposed to how we are different. His experience traveling the world allows Mani to beautifully bridge the eastern world and the western world. He connects deeply with his students regardless of their age or background.

Every time you speak with Mani he gives you his complete attention and all of his heart — it is an amazing experience to be his student. He invests his soul in his teaching and leadership. (…)

I will forever be a better student of life and teacher of yoga for knowing Mani. I’m so grateful to be able to call him my teacher!”

David Ramcharran, London / UK

“Working with Mani twice a day for about 4 hours was amazing, he's a very experienced, thoughtful and skilled teacher. His many years of experience showed.

When you practice this intensively for so many hours a day it's not only challenging on the body but on the mind, too. Mani through his many years of experience helped us with this, talking us through, demonstrating and being with each of us in his own way on our yoga journey. 

I have been practising yoga for many years but I doubt that I would have got through that month (and my other friends) without Mani's expert skill, advice and coaching. The technical skills and the life skills he taught us were invaluable. We were all in awe of Mani's own practice when he demonstrated, the many asanas that we had to learn then to teach each other are all thanks to him.

It was a very tough month mentally and physically made all the better by having Mani to skilfully guide us all through this step by step, day by day. Thank you Mani for that magical life changing month.”


Vidya Iyer, London / UK

“Mani Sir is an amazing teacher. I have come across very few teachers in my life who are able to give so selflessly and unselfishly. 

There is a vast difference between teaching and inspiring. Most teachers are able to teach but very few are able to inspire you. Mani Sir has the quality to inspire his students. His simplicity, humility, energy and vigour strike a chord with you instantly.

His sense of humour is amazing and has had our class in splits on many occasions. I can’t write enough about the positive experiences which I had during his classes, but will suffice to say that he left a very strong impression on me and I would find myself extremely privileged if I had the opportunity to learn under him again.

God bless him all success in his efforts to spread the message of yoga across the world."

Claudia M, Romania

"Having Maniji as my Yoga teacher at YTTC 2015 in Kerala, South India was a wonderful experience. He is a true teacher, teaching from his heart and I enjoyed every class led by him. His way of teaching is kind and firm at the same time, motivating his students to develop and deepen their practice.

Though his classes were intense sometimes, at the end I was looking forward for the next class already. He helped me develop my Asana practice not only physically, but also touching on the psychological level. 

Since I met him, I regard Maniji as my Yoga teacher. I feel confident to return to him to discuss any unclear topic on my Yoga path. He really puts his heart into his teaching and this is what makes him so approachable and his teaching authentic. I recommend his classes and courses to everyone looking for a genuine Yoga teacher."


Yoga Vana Retreat Testimonials

V, Germany

“Mani’s approach to yoga takes you a whole step further if you want to deepen your spiritual practice, and introduces you in the most authentic and honest way to the real yoga if you are a beginner. Thank you for a highly inspiring time.”

Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat, Feb 2019