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Yoga Sankalpa - Yoga & Creative Journaling Retreat - AUROVILLE

Yoga Sankalpa - Yoga & Creative Journaling Retreat

2 day / 2 night Intensive Residential Retreat

Auroville - Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, India


·      Explore and express yourself through the healing practice of yoga and journaling

·      Learn to use yogic wisdom to listen, reflect and transform through creative journaling

·      Receive guidance and techniques to enhance creative focus and flow

·      Cultivate a self-care routine, deepen your yoga practice and teaching methods

·      Make your journaling practice a habit that sticks

·      Develop a spiritual practice of Jnana Yoga

·      Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Certificate

·      All levels are welcome, no previous experience required


In our daily life, we set goals to accomplish something based on our personal need and imagine how happy we will be when we get what we want. Most of the times we fail to be there and we abandon our resolutions as our enthusiasm and will power run out within weeks.

When we look deeply why we fail and fall back again and again into these patterns, we may realise that all our resolutions are born out of the misguided desires of our ego, senses and social conditionings. We assume that who we are is not good enough and our happiness depends on acquiring it from the external world.


The Yogic term Sankalpa is not just about setting some resolutions to achieve our goals, but a deeper affirmation that connects within to that which already exists. San means a connection with the highest truth and Kalpa means - the rule to be followed above all other rules. Thus Sankalpa is honoring the dharma – the deeper meaning of our life. Sankalpa is a statement we can call upon to remind us of our true nature and to guide our choices. It is not something we need to make up or search for. It is already present, waiting to be seen, heard and felt.

Even if we discover our purpose, not everything happens all at once. To fully realise our resolve, we need to reach milestones. We need to align our moment-to-moment choices with our heartfelt desire and move forward on our path to make progress on our larger life goals. Our minds must shift from dualistic thinking to non-dual awareness, otherwise any amount of positivity will not help and the dualistic principle of life will continue to govern us. There needs to be a willingness to hear, a courage to listen to this innermost call. Welcoming both, our good and bad; to sit with them, feel them and deeply reflect on them. This is Self care. This is harmony. This is well-being.

Lotus Mugdha.jpg

This opening up to our interior life and finding a space within is possible by journaling. Putting our inner world to paper, we are able to clear our mind and give our internal landscape a voice. Journaling is a chance to document our process, to reflect upon and release our longings and questions. Journaling is a ‘safe place’ to fully express ourselves and be free in what we think and say, so we’re able to discover our authentic voice.

Through the practice of journaling we can change our habits, negative patterns of thinking, we can reshape our personality. Writing down details about our practice and life in general holds us accountable, but also forces us to examine our practice in a way we might not have otherwise. Adding some art and creativity to our journaling has mental health benefits. It gets your creative juices flowing and can give you an outlet you might not otherwise have. Know that it does not have to sound like poetry. It does not have to be masterful and beautiful to look at. You just need to know where you are. That is it.

If You Don’t Know Where You Are, You Can’t Get to Where You’re Going.


Arrival:              Friday, 26 October 2018, after 2 PM. The retreat starts with dinner at 6 PM.

Departure:         Sunday, 28 October 2018, at 5 PM. The retreat program ends by 4.30 PM.


Retreat Content

  • Introduction to and practice of Yoga as a science dealing with body, breath, mind, soul and universe
  • Two faces of emotions in Yoga psychology
  • Being beyond the mind and its modifications
  • Coordinating the 4 functions of the mind 
  • Know yourself at all levels - the key to fulfilling your Dharma
  • Going beyond resolutions - how to discover your Sankalpa
  • Emotions and Conscious Living - how to nourish your Sankalpa
  • Yoga journaling as Jnana Yoga
  • There’s no right way to journaling 
  • Self-discovery through writing
  • How to find your creative way

You will receive a Continuing Educating Certificate by Mani Raman and Yoga Vana Forest Academy, a Registered Yoga School (RYS 200) with Yoga Alliance, USA

Those who desire to grow in spirituality and wish to evolve rapidly must keep a journal of their actions. By keeping a spiritual diary you can then and there rectify your mistakes. You can do more Sadhana and evolve quickly. There is no other best friend and faithful teacher or Guru than your journal.

Do not say, “From tomorrow, I will be regular.” That “tomorrow” will never come. Be sincere and start doing Sadhana from this moment. If you are really sincere, you will get that invisible support and a push in your spiritual march.
— Swami Sivananda


Mani Raman


Mani Raman is a dynamic, inspirational teacher of Yoga and meditation from India. He took to the practice of Yoga at the age of 12 and has devoted himself full-time to yoga since 1996.

For two decades, Mani has been studying and teaching in the tradition of Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda, guiding thousands of graduates in international Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Courses and Advanced Teacher Training Courses in India, while travelling extensively worldwide for courses and workshops in North America and Asia. For more than 12 years, he directed yoga centres in New Delhi, Tokyo/Japan and Bangkok/Thailand.

Mani teaches Hatha Yoga and meditation, and gives inspiring discourses on Vedanta philosophy and the Bhagavad Gita. Learn more about him here.




Mugdha is a passionate advocate for environmental consciousness, holistic education and sustainable, healthy living. Growing up in Pune, India, she was introduced to the practice of Yoga at the age of six. In 2006, she completed her teacher training in the Sivananda Yoga tradition, and has been teaching since then.

Holding a degree in Visual Communication, she now combines her many talents and interests by offering sustainable landscape design and running an art and design studio as well as a Yoga studio while holding a formal teaching assignment in an alternative school's farm school program. She is a mother of two and passionate about gardening and surfing. Learn more about her here.


Daily Schedule


Attendance at all activities is mandatory. Changes in the program may occur from time to time as per the prevailing conditions.

The retreat is taught in English.



The course takes place at Presence, an ecologically respectful homestay close to some of the first communities of Auroville. Surrounded by serene nature, it is a quiet get-away and perfectly suited for two days of creative and yogic practice.

Accommodation is available in shared double rooms with attached bathroom.

The climate in October is sunny and partly rainy, with temperatures ranging from 23° to 33° C. Please see our "What to bring" section below.

Images: Presence Homestay



Twin Share  – INR 8,000



  • 2 days of tuition
  • Full board with two lacto-vegetarian meals per day, snacks and tea
  • 2 nights of accommodation (bed sheets, towels and mosquito nets are provided) 
  • Journaling manual
  • Internationally recognised Continuing Education certificate from Yoga Vana Forest Academy, a Yoga Alliance registered school
  • Access to WiFi in the common area at designated times


  • International and local transfer to and from the venue

How to get there

By air

The nearest airport is Chennai International Airport (150 km). Taxi transfers to and from the venue can be arranged on request (approx. INR 2000). 

By bus or train

The closest railway and bus stations are located in Puducherry. Taxi transfers to and from the railway and bus station can be arranged on request. 


What to bring

Flashlight • Yoga mat • Alarm clock • Rain jacket / umbrella • Water bottle • Travel mug • Pens • Toiletries • Sandals • Mosquito repellant • Sunscreen • Medication, if any • Casual comfortable clothes for asana practice • Warm clothes for cool nights, mornings & evenings, and clothes for warm days



In order to maintain the purification effects of an intensive yoga practice, please be aware that the use of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, as well as the consumption of non-vegetarian food is not permitted throughout the full duration of the retreat.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for further details.



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For our refund and cancellation policy, please refer to our Terms & Conditions. You can contact us directly if you have any doubts or questions - we're happy to assist you.


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